As nearly always has happened the secret of the success of an enterprise is represented by the conviction in the validity of the project itself and the entire engagement to carry it out, these are the constants which represent its essential principles.
The origins and the tradition are those of a territory, the Tuscany, where the famous "moccasin" has been invented; the activity started in 1978 and the production of footwear is addressed exactly to the classic men's moccasin.
In early 80's, with a brave initiative, if the reality of production in which it was working is considerate, Stokton try to get rid from classic rules of production which by then "moccasin" was relegated and, also considering their essential constructive principles, it purpose totally innovative lines taking seat in the footwear productive trend so-called "tipo barca".
For Stokton, Today research, experimentation, the proposal of new solutions continue; both for a need of the market and because having projects means a better growing and living.